Custom Massage sessions designed specifically for you.

People have known since the beginning of time that touch has an immediate and profound affect on the body.  We take absolute care and respect with every guest to ensure their specific needs are met.  Only high-trained and sincerely-caring therapist are selected to offer therapy at Copper Well Retreat.  Assessments are given before every session to allow the therapist to design a treatment just for you! 

Your body's ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has given you permission to believe. Our nervous system heals and regulates every other system in our entire body.  Stress is the number 1 reason guests retreat with us, and we believe reducing your stress it is the ultimate key to shifting your into to a healing state.  Disturbances in your nervous system affect your ability to recover from the daily breakdown in your body's tissues, and prevent your from regulating the natural cyclic rhythms of your body.  If you are every uncomfortable in any way, please let us know and we will do our best to alleviate you.

CWR Custom Massage

30 min $45

60 min $90

90 min $110

120 min $130

At Copper Well Retreat we don't believe there should be different prices for different massages.  Therefore we offer a flat rate to covering all the wonderful things that come with really great massages.

So if you need a deep-tissue, sports therapy, neuromuscular, Myofascial release, aromatherapy, hot stone, bamboo, stretching, Shiatsu, Thai, craniotomy-sacral release, lymphatic drainage, scar therapy, IASTM, cupping for massage, tuning forks, athletic taping, pre-natal or just a relaxation massage; you can have it all for the same price.  Your therapist will asses you before every session and design a custom treatment to fit your needs at that time, every time.

'Duets' Couple Massage. 

60min $180

90min $220

Retreat deep into our couples suite to experience 60, 90 or 120 min of total relaxation together. Add our signature Copper Well Retreat Foot Ritual for an additional experience to create a special time of peace.

The same care of 'custom therapy' is extended to our Duet sessions and no additional cost is added for special requests such as the ones listed under the massage descriptions to the left. We simply want to provide you with the very best Duet massage experience. So please ask your therapist to include any modality you might enjoy and remember it is all-included!

Healthy Self: Heal thy self.

We understand it can be frustrating, difficult and expensive dedicating resources to taking the care you need to keep your body well. At Copper Well Retreat we offer a multitude of options aimed at targeting your most-prominent wellness needs and treating your whole-self to elevate your entire well-being to a greater sense of existence more harmonious in your current life. 

Specialty Body Treatments & Services

Fascia Blasting + Cupping for cellulite and Fascia pain relief.

45 minutes, $100

You'll begin with a 20 m Far-infrared Sauna to warm-up the tissues, stimulate fat cells and create a vasodilation.  You will then go directly to a massage room for site-specific, private Fascia Blasting.  Due to the time-consuming nature of the Fascia Blasting protocol, we recommend you only choose 1 or 2 areas to receive treatment. Your therapist will modify pressure and technique according to your tolerance level.  We use custom crafted firming oil created for us from Kind Folke.  There are 2 very different objects to meet with Fascia Blasting;  Body Contouring/Adipose (fat/celluite) reduction , or Unbinding (Myofascial Release). We recognize these different objectives require different techniques.  Often times Fascia Blasting can result in bruising and therefore certain contraindication may apply to refusal of your session. We offer everyone a 'Bail-out' option and can easily turn any FB session in a wonderful therapeutic massage! 

Far Infrared Sauna Detox       

10-30 minutes, $25

Using the far infrared light waves instead of a heated element, our Copper Well Retreat sauna is not only more safe and effective at affecting your body than OTHER saunas, but it is the ONLY type of sauna endorsed by Drs at the Mayo Clinic, approved by the FDA to treat heart disease and clinically proven to increase healing by speeding up recovery time.  The special cellular stimulation creates an internal heat that is especially effective at detoxing heavy metals used in prescription drug use, anesthesia drugs and found in many of our cosmetics. Weight loss and stress relief are just one of the many incredible, happy side-effects you can additionally expect from regular Far Infrared Sauna treatment sessions.