When we first started dreaming of opening Copper Well Retreat, we were very clear that we wanted to offer a new slant on the wellness spa/clinic model currently being offered.  More therapeutic than a spa, but offering more care and hospitality than a clinic-we set out with a sincere intention to care for every retreat guest with integrity and authentic customer service.  We painstakingly took over a year to locate and acquire the special property where Copper Well Retreat now sits. We sought a unique property with character and a natural, peaceful vibe that guests could immediately start to escape into. We found our magical property in West Little Rock on 9 acres of undeveloped woods with a pond and a sweet little home atop a hill, nestled under towering Oak and Pine trees and overlooking the bustling Cantrell Road.  Once on property, the calmness envelopes you and the retreat begins!  Inside great care was taken to collect furnishings, products and decor to soothe and comfort.  Slowly and carefully a team of skilled, nurturing therapist and staff were recruited to ensure every session would be just what you need.  Understanding that we were not the experts in all the areas a Copper Well Retreat experience touches, we networked to partner with local people that were the experts in their field and shared the same vision, values and mission.  We chose our name Copper Well Retreat quite specifically to convey a promise of expectation to our guests and remind ourselves the roots our services have in ancient wellness care. We are most completely offering our guests a retreat in the very definition of the word.


(1): The act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, harmful or disagreeable.

(2) : the process of receding from a position or state attained

(3) : a place of privacy or safety {refuge}

(4): a period of withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, instruction or healing.



Organic & Holistic

Striving to be Arkansas' First Organic Wellness Spa, we have taken many measures to commit ourselves to running an organic, natural, eco-friendly, locally-sourced and fair trade business. The list of these examples is quite extensive and far reaching into every aspect of our business. We grow, harvest and dry our own botanicals and herbs on-site as much as possible for use in our services and products.  Laundry and cleaning is done without chemicals, bleaches, or perfumes.  Natural textiles are purchased for use in services.  Only LED lighting is permitted for interior/exterior.  'Non-disposable products' policies are in place to reduce trash waste.  Rain barrels are used on property to reduce water consumption for plant care. Locally sourced plants, rocks and logs were harvested for exterior landscaping.  A bulk of the decor/furniture/art was collected via estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales and reclaimed stores to reduce landfill waste.  Low VOC paint was used in every room.  Recycled paper is used whenever possible for any paper products needed. Paperless guest service transactions and purchases, money handling and internal reporting is encouraged to reduce waste. Each room contains one or more live plants to naturally clean and purify the air. Filtered water is available at all times.  All major electrical devices/equipment are run through surge protectors and turned off at the end of the day, and acoustic speakers are offered in an effort to reduce electical usage. Thermostat settings are monitored to moderate levels. Fans and space heaters are used in treatment rooms to control a comfortable temperature.  Our body product line is provided by Kind Folke. They use organic, natural, fair-trade ingredients and make each batch by hand without anything  the use of preservatives or artificial perfumes. We support small local business services when possible for outsourced business needs. Chemical-free pesticides are used for pest control. 

Great People, Great Service

At Copper Well Retreat we believe that you must 'be the change you want to see in the world.'  And we try to do just that.  We started with a big idea for change, then set out to recruit great people to help us with that change.  We sure found them....or rather they found us!  Weather it's the person that answers the phone, replies to your Facebook comment, helps you to your car, or releases that tricky shoulder knot; every single person you meet at Copper Well Retreat wants to be there serving you and fulfilling their lives with the reciprocal gift that comes with loving what you do and who you do it with.  Even behind the guests' view, we take care of each other and are pretty happy as a Copper Well Retreat Family. 

Natural Balance Design 

Many people can sense that they have arrived at a special place once they get to Copper Well Retreat. We took our time and collected specific treasures from all over to create a story and to have an unspoken conversation with our guests. Every hue and texture was designed purposefully to evoke emotion. Aromas and sounds were chosen to subdue and soothe.  We wanted to offer enough elegance with our retreat to uplift the spirit and please the eye. However, we treaded carefully, layering elements to ensure the overall feeling was welcoming, familiar and unpretentious.  Each of the 5 senses was considered when creating each room. Feng Shui theories were lightly applied to specific areas.  Before painting scripture and blessings were written on the walls and before opening a sage clearing and blessing was given to the property asking in an effort to create a sanctuary for the soul that is light and good.  We hope all who come can feel the beauty of Copper Well Retreat.