Group Classes or Private Instruction

A body in balance needs restored with the care and nurturing of our massage and bodywork services combined with the detoxing sweat, and stress relieving exhales from body movement.  We now offer group classes and private instruction session to create a whole-self care retreat program.  


'Spirit Before Body' Yoga + Meditation Class                                                 

This peaceful class is designed with the busy body in mind.  Partnering with the sage skill and kind approach of AYC Instruction, this class can help you quiet those chaotic thoughts and silence the never-ending radio playing in your mind.  Learn to focus your attention, create mindful streams of inner-dialog and release pent-up tensions with this 60 minute class. The group session will begin with instructor dialog for centering thought, then segue into gentle yoga movements- accessible even to the first-timers, and those that didn't get to bring a change of clothes. Once the class is flowing in harmony and relaxed, the instructor will guide them through a beginner-level meditation.  Mats, blocks, mats, blankets and pillows will be provided. You just bring your 'Dharma Eyes'.

Classes are offered seasonally. Please call the spa directly to check for the next scheduled class.                      $12 per class


Private Yoga Instruction  

Private Yoga instruction is the perfect opportunity for guests, new to yoga, to learn the basics of this ancient body wellness practice in a comfortable environment; free from self-conscious thoughts or embarrassment.  Those already practicing yoga can use this as an opportunity to grow their abilities with one-on-one instruction. Lastly, seasoned Yogi's will find a challenging session with the wise and vast guidance of our AYC instructors.  You can come to Copper Well Retreat for just a private session, or add it into a package with another of our wellness services! 

60 min for $75           30 min for $40

Private Fitness Instruction

We know that no wellness plan is complete without a comprehensive fitness routine.  Copper Well Retreat has partnered with P31 Fitness to offer you on-site private fitness sessions.  Just like everything else we offer at Copper Well Retreat, this session will include a comprehensive wellness dialog with certified personal trainer, Kim Walton, to ensure a balanced, but challenging fitness workout. Kim is especially passionate about coaching her clients to be their best with out compromising themselves and creating further injury to their body.  Her kind, but tough sessions are a favorite among our guests.  Weather permitting sessions can be held outside, but inside sessions will always be available too.  You can come to Copper Well Retreat for just a private fitness session, or add it into a package with another of our wellness services!

30 min for $30.    45 min for $40.    60 min for $50